Wine Country Resorts Have Lots to Offer

Best of Wine Country Resorts


When you think about Napa Valley vacations, you probably think about wine consumption. Wine plays a big part in the region, and it is important to note that you don’t have to go to San Francisco or New York to get your fix of wine. You can find wine country resorts in instances where vineyards are less than a half-hour away from your home.

Often, vacation resorts fall into the category of expensive luxury accommodations. While these resorts may offer all the trappings of a five-star experience, they tend to be a bit pricier than your average bed and breakfast. It will be the cost of admission, taxes, and extra rooms that you will have to shoulder. Still, many of these types of accommodations can provide you with everything you need, even if it is not exactly the type of experience you are used to back home.

Resorts that offer space and a homely feel, yet also offer superior amenities and location, are ideal for those with a Napa Valley vacation in mind. You will be able to bring along your family and friends and be able to relax while listening to a great selection of music. If you want to unwind, you can visit a spa and be pampered by a talented chef. At a resort like this, you will find that the governor’s suite will be a nice space you can enjoy in order to get some serious reading done.

Friendly staff members who cater to your every need are another important aspect of resorts that make them appealing to vacationers. Not only will you have a tour guide who can show you the best points of view, but you will also be able to visit with other people who share your interests, helping you to create the vacation of your dreams. If you want to visit with a tour guide who specializes in wine please visit can be overrated.

Tour guides with a background in wine appreciation offer their services on vacation in Napa Valley. There are several wine-tasting workshops each day, so you don’t want to miss even one of these lectures. A tour of the entire winery is also offered, so you can compare the properties of different estates and enjoy the finest of wines taken from all over California. In short, if you truly want to indulge yourself, then a Napa Valley vacation is all you need.

Visit in the Spring

Another great time to visit is in the spring, simply because so much of the dining and drinking is to do with the weather. Wintertime brings crisp, clean weather that is perfect for winter skiing, but in the springtime the weather is much warmer and the dining and drinking is situated in the warm sunshine, allowing you to enjoy even more of the best of the Napa Valley.

Enjoy the Finesels At The Viator

Viator is another great destination in the Napa Valley. There are so many restaurants and wine lounges with excellent pipe plumbing to choose from, but you may feel like you are in a dining lounge at a friend’s home when you visit this place. The décor is warm and the service is excellent, truly a warm fireplace at your service. You will definitely want to return often, and you will want to get your tasting menu souvenir, signed by the chef. The menu includes small plates like the roasted duck with pear salad or the baby port-o-lo que flote, and you will find yourself asking for a repeat dinner with your friends.

For those of you who want to do more than just eat and drink, there are many options for a complete day that will satisfy all of your eating, drinking, and sightseeing cravings. You can take a train, a bus, or even a limousine and you will not regret it.


Napa Valley trips are a great idea for family vacations, romantic getaways, or just a place to take a vacation while supporting your local economy. You will find yourself incredibly relaxed and enjoying the beautiful places that make the Valley so special.

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