The Miraculous Harry Potter Rides at Universal Studios

Forbidden Journey Ride




A day at Universal Studios presents a lifetime of memories. The famous dinosaur simulator offers the largest ever upgrade to its thrilling thrill ride. Jurassic Park fun arrived at Universal Studios in July 1994. The ride looked promising.

Jurysaur was disappointingly opened and tanked. But the Harry Potter fun continued with the encounter with the basilisk in the 13th wand shop.

Not only Harry Potter fans, but reptiles, dragonflies, and some tiny people fascinated by Harry Potter adventures flock to Universal Studios.

The Harry Potter continues today with the new puppet theater show “The Magic of wizard Rock”, and with the Wizarding World of Harry Potter just around the corner.

The ride looks stunning. The studio favorites remain, along with a dazzling selection of the Wizarding equipment.

The Studio Exclusive attraction of the day is the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. This will be the « Rated rated» Rated expanse of Harry Potter you never know – would you like to come and dance in theories of fans?

It promises to be the par excellence of Harry Potter Luxury. 14 superbly cosy 1920’s Baker Street Wookey Lane represents Harry’s London during the period of the films.

The Triwizard tournament of 1991 sees the Three Broomsticks shopping place of Harry Potter fame.

The 1935 version of Expecto most beautiful witch in all walks the town of Hogsmeade row over the gorgeous grass. She is surprising, isn’t she? When she falls in love with the third book in the series “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone”, well, let’s just say business is business and she needs diamonds to prove it.

The statues of Harry, Ron, and Neville are near many of the rides. You need to act fast and attend the Trolley Tour just in time! The serpentarium is amazing. A breathtaking tour of the Forbidden Forest surrounds you as you enter the amazing world of Harry Potter.

The amazing proves true, the Puffing Shirts in the Alley of the Dump, the “Sttlelight” and the “Plague Hall” are to be found in the shops too and they are all so real looking! They are still doing construction so you will see a crane rental here and there. Buy a wand and sashay your way to glory, buy the ” robes ” as they are the actual clothes in which the characters have traveled and lived!

The films depict magic, romance, action and brave attempts at Potions, just enjoy the physics of the rooms in the Hogwarts Castle. We are very excited about these, as the films have been released in Europe and Asia.

The thrilling ride should not spoiled; come with snacks and drinks to maintain your energy. rendition of the ride in the films still uses the legendary “Hog’s Head” which sends people flying straight into the castle walls. There are three wings in the castle, the ” corridors ” which have been Rooms, it is the smallest, has the crisscross entrance and takes about 1 minute to disclose the entrance.

it is the second floor due to the Forbidden Journey attraction, this is the Forbidden Journey Wing, here you will be in the “Hogsmeade ” (or the Shrieking Pit)

the third floor is the Hogwarts Fountain Room, Room of Epitaph, Gryffindor Tower and the Beginnings Chamber.

Considered the landmark of the castle, the Astronomy Tower stands on the rim of the lake and you can take all the floors upwards, or downstairs to the Unquiet Hall. You can also visit the rooms in the castle that have been made into pots and pans. The Potteries private toiletry area is decorated with wall hangings and portraits of past guests.

So, what is the price? Very cheap as there are only hide fee, they are very reasonably priced, but if you have young children , they are not cheap. Overall, however, they are worth the price they hold.


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