The Largest Hotels in the World

The Largest Hotels in the World


You want to go on vacation with your loved ones, you want to get away from the stress of your day-to-day life, ignore work for just a little bit with a bunch of distractions that will also nicely provide memories that can last you your entire life.


So, to go on such a vacation you are going to try and find the biggest and best resorts and hotels available, because they will most definitely have a lot of things to do, plenty of fun distractions for you to partake in and ignore those pesky adult situations that you don’t want to handle. For your convenience, here is a neatly compiled list of the largest hotels in the world.


First World Hotel in Malaysia


This colorful is the first up on our list for the sole reason that it is the absolute largest hotel in the entire world. I don’t think. I can stress how big this place is, it has 7,351 rooms to its name, a 500,00 square foot plaza, which has a shopping mall, food outlets, the only casino in Malaysia, a theme park. It’s like they built the place only to see what they how many giant objects could fit inside.


To say the least, if you stay at the First World Hotel, you will have plenty to do. Wake up, go to the giant food court, shop a bit at the mall, who knows maybe after hop on a quick rollercoaster ride, then head to the gift shop, buy a little souvenir saying you rode a roller coaster inside a hotel that was also a mall.


The rooms inside again, to say the least, have many different variations, over 7,000, it’s not a surprise. Every one of them though are all incredibly comfortable, decorated with a stylish contemporary style, and plush pillows. I would take a trip to Malaysia just to see this place in reality, I could say I visited the biggest hotel in the universe, a pretty neat tale to tell friends, I think.


The Palazzo in Las Vegas


When I was doing the research for this article, I found that most of these hotels where located in Vegas. For everyone hotel somewhere in the world, there was six for Vegas, so to keep this interesting, I only picked the biggest and most interesting in Vegas, and then branched out to some other places.


The Palazzo is a very classy place to check into, with the marble and ice sculptures decorating the lobby, you just step into the rich life of Vegas. Like the rest of the casinos and hotels in Vegas, this place has plenty for you to do. They have a restaurant in the hotel called the Mott 32, which is elevated Chinese dining, it’s decorated with comfortable reds, and beautiful flora for you to enjoy as you eat.


You can get a suite at The Palazzo and get an amazing view of the night life that Vegas offers, it would be a sight to see after winning millions at the casino’s and seeing some of the greatest shows America has to offer.


Walt Disney World Dolphin and Swan Resort in Florida


These large behemoths are located at Lake Buena Vista in Florida, home of Walt Disney World, the most magical place in the world. Its elegant décor will give you an amazing sense of sophistication and luxury as you spend time there.


Adjacent to the hotels is the Disney owned boardwalk, full of restaurants, pools, and arcades. You can spend the day walking the boardwalk taking in the smell of the lake it encompasses, as you and the kiddos chew on your delicious pretzels, churros, and hot dogs.


The greatest thing about these two hotels is that they are right in the middle of the Disney property, so you can see everything from your room that’s on the top of the hotel. You can view the Epcot show that they do every night, and Magic Kingdoms firework spectacular, you might even get to see Disney’s Hollywood Studios Star Wars show which includes pyrotechnics and laser lights.


You wouldn’t be able to though if your hotel where any smaller, the giant ordained dolphins and swan that sit on the top of the pyramids is one of the biggest and most fun places you can visit for a vacation, it’s definitely one of my personal favorites and is highly recommended.


The Venetian Resort Hotel in Las Vegas


Next up on the Vegas list is the Venetian Resort Hotel, this one is just as good as The Palazzo, but it does have an advantage over it as it has a much clearer Italian theme. Surrounding the resort is a river filled with the boats you see in the movies. The resorts architecture is something you only see in fairy tales, it has an architecture from ancient Venice, giving guests a sense of regality as they walk through it.


Inside the resort is 40 international restaurants, a completely state of the art, modern, casino, and a 1.2-acre pool deck. The canal surrounding the resort has over 150 boutique stores. It also has ten outdoor pools, all of which feature poolside dining, and private cabana rentals. The resort also has a fully equipped gym inside it, that also has a forty-foot climbing rock wall for guests to enjoy.


A little tip for you to know is that the McCarran International airport is only 15 minutes away for your convenience. It makes sense that this is said to be guests’ favorite part of their trip to Vegas.


Abraj Al Bait in Saudi Arabia


This one is actually very interesting, because it is a government owned resort that is composed of seven different skyscrapers to make the one hotel. How fascinating is that? Very by my own estimations, seven different skyscrapers, one of the biggest resorts in the world, all of it catering to the guests that want to visit.


This resort actually has a purpose beyond the usual fun-loving resorts like the others on this list, this one is a part of the King Abdulaziz Endowment Project, which is a whole project aimed to make the city more modern with its pursuits, so that it can cater to the pilgrims visiting it. I think it would be a pretty neat thing to see if you’re wondering whether you should stay, a seven-skyscraper castle hotel, why would you want to leave in all honesty?


Something very cool to know about this resort is that it has a five-story shopping mall contained in the hotel which as everything you could ever to to buy including parrots for sale. So, as you’re taking an elevator down the side of the towers, you can look over the city knowing that your about to have a lot of fun shopping for some new clothes, and tech, and food, it’s something that will surely keep you busy all day.


The MGM Grand in Las Vegas

The MGM Grand in Las Vegas is probably the most popular hotel in American cinema. It has been featured time and time again in classic stories throughout all of movie history. This resort is also one of the biggest in the world with its assortment of entertainment, gambling, fun, and relaxation that it offers to its guests.


The resort tries to give you a sense of sophistication as soon as you take a step in through the front door. They want you to feel like royalty at their resort which has the theme of a modern castle, and it really does deliver on that quest, you’ll feel fancier than ever at this five-star resort.


It’s something that you can visit during your trip to Vegas and not be disappointed in the least, there is tons of dining options available for your, tons of pools to swim in, and plenty of comfortable beds to choose from once you’ve had your fun that night out on the town. One of the biggest and best in Vegas, this is something that you and your group aren’t going to want to miss.



City Centre Hotel in Las Vegas


This is the last hotel that features in Vegas on this list, and it is certainly not the least in any case whatsoever. It has everything that you could possibly need for your vacation of gambling, close to dozens of Casinos and shows, it’s only a few minutes’ drive to get to any one of them.


The dining options are numerous with their dozens of selections and delicious foods that you won’t forget anytime soon. Being one of the biggest in the world, and in Vegas, this is a resort that you can have plenty of fun at. The gambling, the shows, and the food are all going to be served with great vigor here at one of the largest hotels in the world.


Atlantis Paradise Island in the Bahamas


Moving on from Vegas, we head all the way over to the Bahamas, the place of total relaxation and comfort, this place has been a dream for many to visit, it’s also home to one of the biggest hotels in the world. The Atlantis Paradise Hotel is simply spectacular with its amazing views and crazy fun activities.


This is something that your entire family can enjoy with all its water work fun, and the ability to explore its many facilities that can bring fun times all around. The beaches for example are gorgeous with their dream like views. Your kids will have fun all day playing in the sand to make sandcastles at one of the largest resorts on the planet.



Disney’s Pop Century Resort in Florida


Disney’s Pop Century Resort is one of my personal favorites on this list as it is somewhere that I went to as a kid quite a bit. Every Disney trip, I would get to spend the night at this place an d relive the 80’s and the 90’s getting a giant blast of nostalgia from all the amazing décor they put up through the sprawling hotel.


There are dozens upon dozens of rooms available, suites, twins, connecting rooms, any kind that you can possibly want you can choose from. It has tones of fields that you can play on with your kids, an arcade for all the fun you can have, and an amazing cafeteria for you to enjoy those classic meals that you loved growing up.


You can walk around this entire resort and have tons of fun looking at all the past trends that you and your family where into, relive the tv shows that you once loved, and relive all the great memories that you made growing up, while making more in the present reminiscing on the past.


Another great thing about this resort is that it is right in the middle of the Disney property, you can go and visit any of the four parks available, or you can head to Disney Spring and shop, or go golfing, or go to a water park. Disney really has everything to a point when it comes to entertainment and they will not leave you and the family unsatisfied with there crazy amount of activates.


You can go to Magic Kingdom and ride space the seven dwarfs’ mine train or go to the Animal Kingdom and conquer mount Everest, explore Batuu at Hollywood Studios, and race on Test Track at Epcot. The possibilities are endless with this one resort and as I said comes highly recommended as my own personal experiences can contend, reliving some of your childhood is a great new way to connect with your own kids and show them some of your old life back in the day.


I actually plan on visiting it myself in the next few months, I can’t wait to relive the glory days and make new memories with my family at Walt Disney World’s Pop Century Resort. Its going to be a ton of fun for me, and I know it’ll be a ton of fun for your family as well when they start to explore the resort and the fun surrounding it.




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