A Breathtaking Road Trip In Colorado

  If you want to ‘get away from it all’, then going on a road trip to Colorado may exceed your expectations. However you must do your research and plan your trip accordingly, especially if you have children who may be tired and therefore weary on the trip. To plan your trip to Colorado you […]

Bali Attractions

  With its beautiful islands dotted with pristine beaches, Bali is an island paradise that will make you fall in love with it. The island is located around Indonesian seas, and dotted with mountain ranges, forests, and rugged landscapes. Bali also has a rich cultural heritage and the largest collection of Hindu temples in the […]

A Visit to Lewes

  In 1773, the first well and water power plant in Lewes was completed. The town was named Lewes after the Roman God meaning “lee” which means well. Lewesplain was the first town planned on a straight line with a specific purpose. Lewesplain was unique, as Lewes Town was never built at an elevation. Port […]

The Best Family Vacation Planning Tips

  Looking for the best family vacation? Luck out on the post-Thanksgiving weekend, or the soon-to-be-available-for-your-teenager to take an impulsive vacation? A family getaway should be a time to reconnect and create memories. Everyone in the family can have a say in the final choice about where to go. The following recommendations for your family […]

Travel Tips for 2022

  When students begin to think of the summer they inevitably begin to picture students quartering at a beach somewhere. Summer is the perfect time for wildlife documentaries, but for students this is an opportunity to get up close and personal. A chance to get the opportunity to study under the guidance of seasoned naturalists […]