Technology Travel Accessories

  When it comes to travel, technology has caught up with us in a big way. In this day and age, you can always buy a travel accessory that is designed to make your journey comfortable and exciting. From alarm clocks to reverse engineering space age clocks, from space travel kits to Ouisha heads – […]

Tibet: An Exquisite Destination

  Tibet has always been a mysterious tourist destination. It is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places in the world. It is the land of magical snow-covered peaks, valley of non-winter, lovely gardens and rivers. Tibet is a beautiful blend of Buddhist and Hindu culture. The Himalayas are the real hero of Tibet. They […]

The Geography of Leicester

  The world map reference for Leicester is latitude 520 effective minutes north of magnetic north. In terms of distance from the UK’s main cities, Oxford, Salisbury, Peterborough and Newcastle, it is west of the county capital Newcastle. The latitude and longitude of Leicester Are align with the relevant Australian standard errors. The UK standard […]

Things to See and Do in Greece

  Greece is a breathtaking country. It has everything from the multitude of nightlife resort towns that attract tourists during the day to the pristine beaches that are perfect for secluded island getaways in the winter. Even if you are not vacationing in Greece, you will find that this historical country has much to offer […]

The Miraculous Harry Potter Rides at Universal Studios

      A day at Universal Studios presents a lifetime of memories. The famous dinosaur simulator offers the largest ever upgrade to its thrilling thrill ride. Jurassic Park fun arrived at Universal Studios in July 1994. The ride looked promising. Jurysaur was disappointingly opened and tanked. But the Harry Potter fun continued with the […]