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Brazil Vacation


As a funny little kid I always wondered what it would be like to live in Brazil. What different would it be from the U.S. in terms of food and drink. Parks may be different, sure, but there would be a lot more grass and trees to walk around in the streets.Another guess is that in Brazil you would wear shoes much more.

So it is myopague for me to ask what different things would be like in a country of over 300 million people.

1.) The Language. If you are brought up speaking English like all Americans, you may find it hard to adapt. Brazilians speak Portuguese as a first language and also learn Spanish. Knowing a little Portuguese will help.Also, a smattering of French, Brazilian-Farian bilingualism and a smattering of Spanish isn’t terribly bad, either.

2.) Economy. Like the U.S., the Brazilian economy is strong and growing. In fact, the Brazilian economy is the fifth largest in the world! This is due to the growth of tourism and agriculture. Usually, a strong economy is good for a country, though Brazil has been an exception over the past few years.

3.) Political Environment. If you are American, you would probably like Brazil, if you can only deal with political situations which are favorable to you. There are far fewer opposition parties than in your right-wing leaning America. Also, Brazil is a Senate-ems to be non-ideological. It is actually the opposite of your right-wing. The left-wing in Brazil is far more left-wing than in America, France, the Soviet Union, or China. It is more likely to vote with your heart than your head. What is the result of that? You know what it is.

4.) EconomyKerala and Portugal are doing extremely well. The southern coast of Brazil has several tourist attractions as well as excellent beaches that are unspoiled by overgrowth. You can also find bargains in the northern part of Brazil around Cape Santa Catarina. The shoppers in Rio can go to the Iguacu Falls and enjoy a myriad of different cultures.

5.) Argentina– Like Brazil, Argentina is prosperous and blessed with natural beauty. The Laurana Girardeau National Park found in Buenos Aires province has beautiful world-class Blueway Flights. There are many large cities in Argentina. The left side of the country has beautiful Rio De Janeiro, Buenos Aires, and the Iguazu Falls. Your vacation cannot be completed without seeing the grandest waterfall in the world, the Horseshoe falls. The falls’ mist will cool you off in its beautiful pools.

6.) Thailand– If you want to see fascinating sights, lovely beaches, and great food, Thailand is the country for you to be. Don’t forget to visit Thailand because there are many new and fun things you can do and see. Don’t forget to walk in the variety of religions and cultures found in Thailand.

7.) Malaysia– The conservative Muslim nations of Malaysia are one of the best tourist destinations to be in. Many people can’t imagine tropical rain forests and beaches when they first hear Malaysia, but then travel to Malaysia and find themselves embracing the tropics. The people are warm, friendly, and welcoming.

8.) Indonesia– The land of volcanoes, Indonesia is any adventure playground. My business coach goes here every year and loves it! Vast forests are spread throughout the land that boasts of the tallest peak in the world, Mount Kinabalu’s. The land is also blessed with beautiful beaches, surf resorts, and the most vibrant culture in the world.

9.) Mauritius– Just like Thailand, Mauritius is also a tropical and warm place that boasts a lot of natural beauty. Tourists can indulge in any of the following activities: sailboat and jet skiing, Freedom Beach, tourist buses, luxury hotels, and the wide variety of local food. A lot of places in Mauritius are worth visiting, such as the Bird Island.

10.) Leeward Islands– These are the islands that rest in the equator, in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. It is a protected marine area that any legitimate tourist must visit. The area comprises of the Bonaire Land and Great Caledonia, as well as the Rodrigues and Zanzibar. You will also find the coral reefs in this area.

The islands are a wonderful tourist destination for the following reasons: They are naturally beautiful, a great place to swim and relax, and full of food and places to go.

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