The Best Hotels for Couples in Kentucky

The Best Romantic Hotels for Couples in Kentucky


Kentucky is one of the best places that you can choose in order to treat your special person. It could be an anniversary of your marriage, or a new-found special lover, Kentucky will be your ideal romantic destination. The hotels are going to offer you a Southern hospitality, and its unique experiences.

Kentucky has a history of horse races. By visiting the state, you will have a taste of the wild West. It is a state of rolling hills and one can experience the lush pasture, just like watching a frontier movie. The University of Kentucky, one of the best institutions of higher learning in the US, sits in Lexington.

By visiting Kentucky, you will experience life on Mohammed Ali who was one of the best boxers the world has ever produced. The boxing match, Rumble in the Jungle, is one of the most popular fights by Ali, and Kentucky has kept this as part of the history of the state (He was born in Louisville Kentucky and was buried in the same place). By visiting Kentucky, you will have a scenic beauty of house farms in green grass.

Christians should visit Kentucky because it is the Bible belt. Here, in this state, conservative Christian traditions were born, and exported to other states, and indeed, the world. There are many cultural characteristics of Kentucky, chicken being one of them. Kentucky is known for the events surrounding the civil war and the long list of American inventions.

With so many choices on offer, it is very difficult to make a choice, but the article below could be a starting point to the best hotels in Kentucky for couples.

The Best Hotels for Couples in Kentucky


Cliffview Resort

Cliffview Resort is just one hour’s drive from the town of Lexington. Here, you can spend an entire morning on a rocking chair as you watch the fog from a distance. Or you can choose to take a hike in the dense forest. The hotel’s customer service is one of a kind and has been hailed for its ideal services and the need to meet the expectations of the clients.

If you choose Cliffview Resort, you, and your partner, will experience a romantic getaway together with luxury dining, a spa experience, a trip to the horse farms and historic distilleries, and a glass of wine. With the name and reputation of the hotel, Cliffview Resort receives a significant number of repeat guests. If the current observations are anything to go by, the hotel will continue recording an increasing number of cases.

The Ashley Inn

Located in Lancaster, Kentucky, the Ashley Inn is just not about having bed and breakfast, it offers a romantic experience. If you choose the Ashley Inn, you are going to have unique types of accommodation, with unique sleeping areas, patio, as well as separate TV. The Ashley Inn contains sweetheart packages which carry offers for two, for example, two glasses of wine. If you love someone, you can give him or her a romantic and timeless gesture. The hotel is on a mission to improve the experience it offers the clients for the purpose of widening the client base and the need to retain the existing clients.

Big Bear Resort, Kentucky

This is the first resort in the area and many clients have reported unique experiences. The resort boasts of a gorgeous lakeside with scenic views, more so for a couple. In addition to that, the hotel boasts of a wooded surrounding that you can take a walk through the woods. Moreover, the resort boasts of a variety of overnight accommodation. These include a townhouse, condo, and a chalet.

If you have a boat, you can dock at Big Bear Resort. If you do not have a boat, you can still think about renting one, and the prices are favorable. The resort offers various recreational facilities including swimming and outdoor fishing. If you choose this resort, you are going to have ample time for relaxation as well as time for bonding with your sweetheart.

Talbott Inn

The Talbott Inn was constructed in 1913. It has been branded the oldest bourbon bar in the entire world. Over the years, it has been renovated in order to accommodate other needs, for example, a better and more romantic experience for couples. All of the rooms are named in tandem with famous people that visited the inn, Lincoln for instance.

The features of the Talbott Inn include reservations, parking, seating, and the wheelchair accessibility. One can have access to non-smoking facilities. Visitors have reported enjoying the special food. This is an inn that is surrounded by history, and if you choose the inn, you are going to take a path through history. The inn has preserved a lot of past events.

The Brown Hotel, Kentucky

The Brown Hotel was constructed in the year 1923. The hotel has experienced a history of a fairy tale romance as well as the harsh reality. Being such a big hotel, it played a crucial role in enhancing the social and economic life of Louisville.

The Brown Hotel is a legend in Kentucky and many guests have fond memories of the hotel. The shared spaces of the hotel have hand-polished Spanish marble carvings and beautiful chandeliers. The guest room has goose-down comforters and Egyptian cotton linens. If you stay at the hotel, you are going to feel like you have old money from the South.

The Brown Hotel boasts of a fitness center which is well equipped for the needs of its clients. In addition to that, there are three restaurants which offer the clients a variety of menu and cuisine from different parts of the world.

The Brown Hotel is a proud member of the Historic Hotels of America and the National Trust for Historic Preservation. It was designed by Preston Bradshaw and took a very short time to be constructed to completion, only ten months. Among other things, the hotel has been very instrumental in making unique sandwiches.

The times of Prohibition and the times of the Great Depression are one of the hardest times for the hotel. The hotel had taken a loan and it defaulted. The hotel was threatened with foreclosure. The challenges notwithstanding, the hotel survived to see many other years. It could be said that the hotel has seen a journey of success and resilience.

Boone Tavern

Boone Tavern is a guesthouse, restaurant, and a hotel, that is affiliated to Berea College. Constructed in 1909 in order to host guests attending the college, the hotel has evolved in leaps and bounds to an extent that it has earned in the Historic Hotels of America.

By choosing Boone Tavern, you will be supporting the students from Berea college, at least indirectly (15 % of the hotel’s staff is derived from the college, and it helps needy students to work towards their education. Students who commit to work in the college departments and at the Boone Tavern receive a college-free education).

In the year 2008, the hotel went through a major renovation with the desire to modernize its facilities. In addition to the modernization objective, the hotel wanted to preserve its history. Some of the changes that the hotel recorded include restoration of the skylights, addition of a portico entrance, and the replacement of the hotel kitchen.

Some years past, the hotel could not tolerate any alcohol in its premises. However, today, alcohol is now tolerated. This was a path away from the historic stand that alcohol would not be tolerated in the premises.

French Lick Resort

Built in 1845, French Lick Resort has been one of the best hotels in Kentucky for years. It is particularly appealing to clients who want a double service, hotel services and casino life. The hotel boasts of a whopping 3000 acres, with a very strong and natural beauty.

In the year 2007, the hotel went through a massive renovation at a cost of a whopping $500 million. During the renovation, the historic and famed sites were enhanced for the sake of the current and future generation. The hotel is now restored bring it to the glorious past of grandeur and charm, which they did this by hiring many consultants including a fire protection consultant. Many of the guests come to the hotel in order to have an experience of the miracle water which is found in a nearby spring.

Amenities provided by the hotel include free parking, a pool, fast internet, bar, and lounge. There is a fitness center and a workout room. Should you come with your children, children can stay for free. Room features of the hotel include room service, air conditioning, VIP room, housekeeping, a safe, and flat screen TV. The hotel offers non-smoking places as well as family facilities. For those who would need VIP services, they are available.

This classic hotel also offers golf services, swimming, hiking, and biking. The hotel is known to offer customized services to the clients who may need them. All one needs to do is to make a call and request for a tailor-made service, and one is going to get it.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Hotel for Couples

For a couple experience, planning the right hotel comes in handy in helping you get an optimal experience. However, you must be careful to reconcile between what you want, and what your partner wants, otherwise, you are going to hurt your partner. Luckily, more advanced communication strategies and the internet have made it easier to make a choice of the ideal hotel destination.

There are several factors that you should consider when choosing a hotel for couples. The first thing to do is to ensure that the hotel location is ideal. In connection to this, the location of the hotel should be in proximity with the tourist destination. If you do choose a location which is not near the tourist destinations, you are going to miss a whole lot of fun.

Hotel Value

You need to evaluate the value of the hotel that you choose. You can do this through making a comparison of the hotels on offer. You can even make calls in order to make comparisons. The pleasure you accrue from the hotel is directly proportional to the value of the hotel. In case you are not able to make a decision of your own, you can ask a friend, a relative, or a tour advisor.

Star Rating

When choosing a hotel, check what your desires are, and use the same to check the rating. The star rating may not exactly give you what you are looking for, but at least, it is going to offer you a rough estimate. The reviews will also show you the issues that the customers are facing, and evaluate the seriousness that come with the same thereof.


The hygiene of the hotel matters a lot. You do not want to pick a hotel, and then start complaining of stomach aches later on. The beddings can be very sensitive, and you need to ensure that they are washed-up well. High quality hotels are very keen on hygiene, and they try the best not to compromise the health of the clients. You need to choose such a hotel, and you are going to have a memorable experience.


There is no question about this; you have to make a choice and take an offer that you can afford. You do not want to be embarrassed with a high bill that you will not be able to pay. Moreover, you may find yourself extending your hotel stay, and it is good that you budget for this in the best way possible. You can check with a travel advisor about cheaper offers as well as possible discounts.


The hotel you choose is going to be your temporary home. The better the choices, the better the hotel experience. Therefore, take your time to choose the hotel that you will live in. Kentucky offers a lot of options, go there with you loved one, and have fun.

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