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With its beautiful islands dotted with pristine beaches, Bali is an island paradise that will make you fall in love with it. The island is located around Indonesian seas, and dotted with mountain ranges, forests, and rugged landscapes. Bali also has a rich cultural heritage and the largest collection of Hindu temples in the world. The island offers something for everyone, from sublime beaches to spiritual temples, as well as natural wonders such as waterfalls and volcanic mountains.

Bali is a hot spot, and is among the top holiday destinations in the world. Many tourists visit Bali every year, and take advantage of the hot spot by venturing out to the nearby destinations. Though Bali is initially a beach holiday destination, it gradually gives way to other activities such as sightseeing or visiting the cultural centers and temples. Some of the best hotels are in Bali.  We stayed in one that had massive floor to ceiling windows.  I could not imagine the custom window cost.


Bali is well connected by air to several destinations. landing in various locations in southeast Asia, it is convenient to complete your tour by land, too. Besides, the island is also connected to many other locations by ferry boat, including the cities of Jakarta and Medan.

Temple of the Holy Family (Temple of the Sacred Family or Taman-Taman) is the oldest and biggest temple in Bali, located on the hill of the same name. Taman-Taman is located on the slope of a hill, and is surrounded by the remains of ago. The temple complex consists of several buildings erected on the top of the hill. The buildings consist of courtyards and temples. The Courtyard Temple is built on the left of the temple, and it houses the Adoration Hall, Chapel of the Holy Family, and the Sera Farah Ka’arta Temple.

Pura Besakih a collection of temples on the hill of Besakih. Located on the left side of the island, Pura Besakih is easily seen from kilometers. The temples consist of Ming and Qing style constructions, and involve a complex of pavilions and temples.

The therein houses nine statues, including statues of the gods Romanus, Bastia and spreads over the area of 70 hectares. statue of Bastia and three others that were recovered in veterinarian’s office after the death of the emperor. The other five statues are in the marine museum in Indonesia, and they are still being displayed there.

Five meters in front of the temple complex is the museum of Nusajaya culture, built as a collection of displays that highlight the lifestyle and tools of Nusajaya people. Inamples of tools of the Nusajaya people, as well as exhibits of lifestyle of the Aklanos and other tribes that dwell on the island, are also housed in the museum.

The temple complex is bordered by walls and towers, which rise on the surrounding cliffs, articles of the complex being visible from the atop of the surrounding hills. A number of the towers seen in the complex are still in the middle of the complexes, and they are among the most striking features of the complex. On the western side of the complex, about a kilometer up the cliffs is the Mira Taj an ancient ruined city.

This area is called the Medan while the elements and ruins of the Angklung state are within the eastern area. Just a kilometer to the south of the complex of Angklung islands, halfway on the north-side of the island, is the Angklung Monastery.

In the middle of the Monk’s Rock is the Angklung Monastery which was originally built in the 12th century. The complex was renovated in the mid-18th century by the French monks, cellar and all.

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