Travel Tips for 2022

2022 travel tips


When students begin to think of the summer they inevitably begin to picture students quartering at a beach somewhere. Summer is the perfect time for wildlife documentaries, but for students this is an opportunity to get up close and personal. A chance to get the opportunity to study under the guidance of seasoned naturalists while maintaining a safe distance of predators is an excellent experience and a memory that will stay with students forever.

Winnipeg is a climate connoisseur’s paradise. Students on a trip to learn about the polar wildlife will be able to see the stark, breathtaking ice and snow landscapes and many of the species that inhabit them. Maybe they will encounter a Narwhal, a Yeti, or even a Leptner’s282. Viewing the ice pack from beneath the vast white expanse is a wonderful opportunity for students to learn more about the delicate balance between the environmental requirements of both the Polar Bear and the Polar Ocean.


China is a country of almost unbelievable contrast and diversity. Young visitors on a polar expedition to China will be framed by the terracotta warriors, floating sculptures and the 8,000 tombs in Tiananmen Square, the world’s largest unpaved square, which sprawls across the city of Beijing. But a journey to the Yellow Mountains and the Great Wall of China is also an excellent experience.

The most extensive glaciers in the world are found in the Himalayas in this region. The landscape is breathtaking, the tallest peaks (13, Finch, Mount Everest) stand guard against the backdrop of snow-capped peaks, and the magical mists that surround the lakes, rivers and waterfalls can be seen from the top of the Red Roof of the Empire State Building.

It can often be difficult to plan a trip through China for a student excursion but easy for corporate valuation advisors. But there are many reputable companies offering tours of the country and even though a group organizer has to submit visas, this is not really a problem as long as the students themselves respect their hosts and follow local customs.

The key to a good experience in China is to keep one’s eyes open to the obvious and the unusual. If students do not see themselves represented in photographs, they should ask why they were chosen and what their part in the shoot was. This will not only allow them to better respect the students they are photographing, they will also have a genuine sense of Kodak moments.

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