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Most island travel couture items are pretty cheap. That is not to say that you have to break the bank to splurge on a nice trip. Winchester is a favorite destination for both honeymooners and sun-worshippers alike.

Believe it or not, Winchester has a hidden gem. It has a small village atmosphere and recaptured the English countryside from the days of the English plantation. If you have read about this place, then you know that the English are heavily involved in the sugar cane industry, making the area one of the most haunted villages in the world.

So what is it that draws people to this area? The answer is simple. This place is called Winchester, and the people draw in the dollars, the dollars draw people in.

The British also called Winchester Small Country, a very laid back pirate hideout. You can visit the loading bay where a trader and pirate co-exists in a private harbor. There is usually a sailing boat queue. Another interesting pirate related site is Sheppy’s Pirate Shoppe. It is a bar and pirates hang out, hence the name. You can order beverages and have snacks while watching a movie. This site is a lot of fun, especially during the winter months.

If you are into ghosts, Winchester offers a great ghost pilgrimage. Every November from 15 November to mid-January, you can ascend to the top of Camelot Tower to behold the full moon risen. Many believe that this is the ghost of one of Cornwall’s fallen heroes, a knight who in legend courageously stood against and defeated the ruled nobility of England.

Another of Winchester’s ghosts is the Seymour family – the Seymour family who ran the Fairmont hotel in the 60s and hired the renowned architect Claude Chappe to build a grand hotel nearby. The complex is now known as Roydon’s hotel.

When visiting Winchester, you will also come across M Shed, a unique living museum. The M Shed is the creation of Kenneth MacDonough, a mentally disturbed young man. He has since become one of the area’s most recognized artists, for his fully furnished rooms and paintings. Visitors to the museum can not only see his artwork but can also learn more about his mentally disturbed state by the creative use of furniture and his sculptures.

The MacDonough House is just one of several Winchester accommodations you can visit. These properties are in a class of their own. The first is The Winchester Bed and Breakfast Club, located at Great Smoky Road plateau in Winchester, on the outskirts of the New Forest. If comfortable rooms are what you are looking for, this is certainly the option to choose from.

The second,if you count it as one, is Winchester Apartment Paradise, also at Great Smoky Road. Once you see the tearoom and the immaculate gardens, you will see just why the name deserves to be retired! There are several other developments, including a 1930s style multi-story house, teak barn, formal gardens, a WWII submarine, a poker table and more!

Winchester also has a reputation for being the home of the best bars and clubs in Winchester. The Winchester Eagle gasoline bar was once known as the best bar in Winchester. Other famous bars include the Railway Pub, The Winchester Inn, The Boater and The 793, & morriscoupling. Most of these bars would take a short drink and go somewhere else if they were not. Winchester has a tradition of being a humble place, so as not to attract too much attention. However, once people see just how humble the town is, they tend to stick around.

Yes, Winchester is a great place to visit. It just may take some time before you see all the wonderful things the town has to offer.

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