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Ocho Rios vacation

Jamaica is one of those places that when you ask people who have been there what they think and you will get two very different answers. Some will tell you that they love it and it’s their favorite place in the Caribbean, and others will tell you they would rather hang out in the seven circles of Hell than to go back.

Whether they love or hate it, both sides will agree that Jamaica is filled with stunning scenery, unique adventure & beautiful beaches. You’ll find that what separates the two is what they think of the islanders and the culture of the land. The people of Jamaica really want to make a buck and are very aggressive in trying to achieve that goal. They don’t seem to know the meaning of the word “no.” Just because you said no to a guy selling a t-shirt, doesn’t mean he’s going to try and stop selling you something. When you get out of a cab in Jamaica, there will be another cab driver asking you if you need a cab. It can be a little crazy and some do find this type of island culture intimidating. However if you love to haggle, barter and be in the middle of the action, then you’ll probably love this place.

Getting away from the hustle and bustle of town you will find a romantic encounter that not to many take advantage of in Ocho Rios and that’s rafting on the Martha Brae. This is not river rafting that most people would think of with rapids. This is a very leisurely ride down a lazy river through the impressive foliage of Jamaica. Imagine taking a gondola ride in Venice. Now imagine that gondola is a flat raft made from bamboo reeds and instead of an Italian gondolier you have a Jamaican guiding your raft using only a long bamboo reed. There is only room for your river pilot, that special someone & yourself. So snuggle up and get close. Enjoy the scenery and listen to your guide tell you about the flora and fauna you see along the way. You will feel as if you are the only ones on the island. This adventure is so popular with the newlyweds that it a lot of local say they only come if it is a special event.

Another great way to have some time on the island is to explore the lush coral reefs using diving equipment or just snorkeling gear. Diving is amazing as there are so many things to explore. But snorkeling might be better. There are so many different coral reefs in Jamaica that you can snorkel almost anywhere. To this end, take a dive to the Pink Flamingo Reef. Not only is it home to pink coral, it is also home to whale sharks, see lots of them, and always enjoy the good fortune of being right next to a whale shark.

The canals are a great place to enjoy the sunset, and take a dip in the warm waters to celebrate. If you are with a loved one, you can swim in the surf and be watched by real live penguins. Jamaica is also home to a lot of the indigenous creatures of the sea. Humpback whales, buzzards, and some interesting species of snake take part in the yearly migrations of the sea lions that are found in these waters. If you watch the sunset from a vantage point you will be able to see these beautiful creatures preparation to leave the warm waters for their return to the Arctic.

When you are done exploring the island, take some time out to sample the local cuisine. The fresh fruits, vegetables, seafood, and extravagant dinners made from freshly caught seafood are not to be missed. Some of the local dishes include Jerk chicken, stew, and plantains. You will also find a wide array of international cuisine available during your trip.

With many award winning restaurants and a lively nightlife, Jamaica is the perfect place to take someone special. You can start your evening off with a visit to a local coffee shop for a traditional cup of coffee. Later you might have dinner at a gourmet restaurant, or enjoy a buffet of delectable international cuisine. You can be sure that both your taste buds and your wallet will be happy with the results.

In addition to these traditional Jamaican encounters, many visitors discover that the island boasts many exciting modern opportunities. They decide to purchase their own villas and apartments to rent for themselves and their families which they used Working Capital Loans to acquire. This way they can have the vacation of a lifetime at a concentrate location, close to the commercial centers, shopping, highways, and crime. Some people take advantage of the tax free shopping. Others prefer to work at a Jamaica villa and have the benefit of living onsite. They work in the morning before applying for their jobs in the afternoon.

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