Where to go on Vacation?

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Every year most of us plan our summer holiday. Where should we go, and when should the best time of year to go abroad be? These must be two of the most frequently asked questions.

Where? Depends on many factors. The weather for example. Do we want a lot of sunshine, a holiday where the average temperature is 35 degrees and we can just relax for most part of the day? Or do we want a more cultural holiday where the atmosphere is more like that of a Mediterranean island? Many people I speak to as I travel round the world ask this question.

How long a holiday? For some people it might be Christmas, or maybe they are nursing homes sort of, or they are only going away for a weekend perhaps.

What is the purpose of the holiday? Some might take a break to travel back to their hometown using the opportunity to see what’s going on in their home town before they decide whether to extend that town by visiting other destinations. Some people like to take a lot longer holidays, perhaps to spend years on a particular place.

Is the destination close enough to Home? Not necessarily. Whether you are driving a little out of town to a nearby city, or flying out of some far flung locale, the decision to travel far can be a really personal, difficult and even stressful decision.

How long have you been living at your destination? If you have been away for a long time, and are therefore unaware of the local prices, prices and changing exchange rates, you are likely to be shocked by the price on anything. And what a shock it is if you find out you have been overcharged! You may also be aware that your holiday is likely to be cheaper than normal, due to the strength of the pound against the Euro.

How long will you stay away? If you plan to go away frequently, with cause, it is worthwhile to find out who the local hosts are, and go to them for advice. They will be able to offer you helpful advice such as, not to drink too much, or speaking to locals with a Translation agency, because they know all too well the damage they can do to your health and to your companions (if you are not careful!).

Do what you want, go at your own pace, and sleep in!; it is all up to you!

Some destination specialist travel agents may also be able to advise with regards to flights, or arrange transport to and from your destination, if you are traveling by flight.

Top tip: research your destination, and shop around for a good deal. The best travel agents can advise for you, based on your budget and destination. Visit various websites to see what is available, take a look at weather, crime and lifestyle websites to see what you can expect, and then compare and contrast that with the travel information of your Select Destination Agent. The travel agent may be able to arrange a great deal better than you would be able to do alone.

In summary if you do enough research, and take all the above into account, then you are well on your way to-get-the-best-value-anywhere holiday in a fashionable and friendly destination.


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