Bali Attractions

  With its beautiful islands dotted with pristine beaches, Bali is an island paradise that will make you fall in love with it. The island is located around Indonesian seas, and dotted with mountain ranges, forests, and rugged landscapes. Bali also has a rich cultural heritage and the largest collection of Hindu temples in the […]

A Visit to Lewes

  In 1773, the first well and water power plant in Lewes was completed. The town was named Lewes after the Roman God meaning “lee” which means well. Lewesplain was the first town planned on a straight line with a specific purpose. Lewesplain was unique, as Lewes Town was never built at an elevation. Port […]

The Best Family Vacation Planning Tips

  Looking for the best family vacation? Luck out on the post-Thanksgiving weekend, or the soon-to-be-available-for-your-teenager to take an impulsive vacation? A family getaway should be a time to reconnect and create memories. Everyone in the family can have a say in the final choice about where to go. The following recommendations for your family […]

Travel Tips for 2022

  When students begin to think of the summer they inevitably begin to picture students quartering at a beach somewhere. Summer is the perfect time for wildlife documentaries, but for students this is an opportunity to get up close and personal. A chance to get the opportunity to study under the guidance of seasoned naturalists […]

How to Plan a Holiday

  Holidays are meant to help you unwind. For many people, they are the respite from the frenzy of constant rat-race through life. You can choose to relax on a beach, on an amusement park, or on a scuba diving course. With the several options, it is impossible to fit everything under the sun. However, […]

The tribes of South Africa

  The South African tribes were ancient and sophisticated seafaring people who reached Australia and discovered the Aborigine people of Australia. The tribes however lost the boats and need to wing their way to the east coast of Australia where they landed after traveling for thousands of miles. Since the end of the Second World […]

Travel to Hollywood and then on to Mauritius

  Hollywood is not just a shopper’s paradise, it is also a great place to enhance your Hepatoka talent. Movies, especially the 1980’s and 1990’s versions have provided many opportunities to our artists and aspiring actors. Many great opportunities have lead to bigger and better jobs. It is not bad for a Hepatoka businessman to […]

Top Places to See in Alaska

  It’s one of the most beautiful sights on the planet when the Aurora Borealis sets over the Arctic Ocean. A phenomenon offering breathtaking scenery and an opportunity to see nature at its most awe-inspiring. A visit to Alaska is sure to be an experience you will never forget. The arctic is a harsh land […]

Visiting Winchester

  Most island travel couture items are pretty cheap. That is not to say that you have to break the bank to splurge on a nice trip. Winchester is a favorite destination for both honeymooners and sun-worshippers alike. Believe it or not, Winchester has a hidden gem. It has a small village atmosphere and recaptured […]

Getting To Know Mauritius

  Rightfully fitted in the Indian Ocean lies the island of Mauritius. Often referred to as the “underwater playground of the world”, Mauritius is a tropical island. Rare would be a more perfect place to spend a holiday. Underwater tourism does not only offer fun and excitement but also important facemasks to the planet. The […]