Fascinating Facts About Costa Rica

  DID YOU KNOW THAT… Costa Rica is beloved by tourists for its national parks, beautiful beaches, traditions, friendly people and perfect climate. DID YOU KNOW THAT… The Costa Rican democracy is considered to be the oldest still in existence in the Third World. DID YOU KNOW THAT… Costa Rica has perfect year round weather. […]

Using a Shuttle Service to and from the Airport

  Lately, flights have been a popular option among vacationers. Despite the jeggings and cramped seats in planes, people still enjoy flying to their favorite destinations. Shuttles offer another alternative. Some hotels offer shuttle services that take travelers to and from their hotels via public transportation. Before you call a shuttle service, learn about their […]

How to Navigate When Traveling in a New City

  If you’re a shopper and love to travel you’re going to want to know if your travel items are going to be fulfilled 100 percent. There are two ways to make sure of that. If you’re going to be traveling in a very crowded city, you might prefer to just be able to say […]

Porto – The Beginning of Portugal

  Porto, having given its name to port wine and the country itself is the second largest city of Portugal. It is motherhood of Portugal wine industry. Initially Porto has been constructed as a port for fish but later on it developed into a city offering transport and the different Italian goods. It came under […]

What A Motor Home Can Do For You

  Instead of being a hardcore snowbird who stays at cabin rentals through the winter, why not become a motorhome camper?  Or maybe even a space camp jumper.  The thing is you don’t have to be retired and you don’t have to berill either.  Think about it, we would be doing far more travelling if […]

Historic Sites in Northern Virginia for Student Travel Tours to Washington DC

  Often when student travel groups decide upon Washington D.C. as their destination, the tour leaders have specific sites in mind for a visit. Many of the sites that student travel groups request the most are just outside Washington D.C., in Northern Virginia. In order to include these historic sites in a student travel tour, […]

A Visit to the Appalachians

  If you told someone you visited a 100-year-old steam-driven car, they would probably picture a curves ball, a leisurely ride through the countryside, with occasional treats from neighbors. The only thing between that and a box of chocolates is a dog sled, and the ride from the nearest airport to most likely a snowmobile […]

Gap Year? Let’s Travel

  Thousands of teenagers have no doubt just spent the past summer mocking it up in the packed gyms of our cities. But, leaving the gyms behind, dressing-up, applying make-up and heading off to university or the military is a time, when many travellers will head for the seaside. Is it really surprising? After all, […]

Technology Travel Accessories

  When it comes to travel, technology has caught up with us in a big way. In this day and age, you can always buy a travel accessory that is designed to make your journey comfortable and exciting. From alarm clocks to reverse engineering space age clocks, from space travel kits to Ouisha heads – […]

Tibet: An Exquisite Destination

  Tibet has always been a mysterious tourist destination. It is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places in the world. It is the land of magical snow-covered peaks, valley of non-winter, lovely gardens and rivers. Tibet is a beautiful blend of Buddhist and Hindu culture. The Himalayas are the real hero of Tibet. They […]