Using a Shuttle Service to and from the Airport

pros and cons of a shuttle service


Lately, flights have been a popular option among vacationers. Despite the jeggings and cramped seats in planes, people still enjoy flying to their favorite destinations. Shuttles offer another alternative. Some hotels offer shuttle services that take travelers to and from their hotels via public transportation. Before you call a shuttle service, learn about their services.

Is the shuttle service reliable?

Depending on your service provider, there are still some terrors associated with shuttle services. Unlike train services, they are not regulated by the Civil Aviation Safety Administration (CAA) nor are they tightly regulated by any state government agency. That being said, there is still a need to check with the bus driver, the local bus station, and the agency serving your travel route to make sure your driver is certified to driver the bus he or she is providing.

Did the bus visit any out of the way or difficult to reach places?

One of the biggest headaches with bus service is that your driver may not be aware of traffic patterns. Before you board a bus, have the driver explain what areas you need to be aware of and what they are. When you arrive at the destination, have him or her pull over and explain what they did. When all of your driver’s senses are satisfied, it is time to pay.

Did the driver know your luggage would be left behind?

If you are riding along the side of the road or with your own vehicle, you should have your luggage and all your necessities exactly where you need them to be at all times. If you are riding in a bus, this may have posed a challenge to the driver. If they know your luggage is in the back, they won’t be too bothered if you don’t hand it off to them. However, if you have decided to take a bus ride with your own vehicle, make sure the driver has the address of where you will be staying on the bus. If they can’t get an address, you can always let them know if you change your mind or need to stop for a while.

Did the driver know your luggage was loaded?

This is a big one. If your luggage is being stored in the wrong spot, it could cause turbulence and other issues for the driver. Everything depends on the bus carrier as to whether they plan to keep your luggage with you always or throw it away. You must ensure the driver is focused on getting you where you need to go and not where you are going.

Did the driver make frequent stops in between your journey?

If you are like most people, you tend to make numerous stops in a long journey. If you are travelling on a bus, the driver should never come close to your vehicle except at traffic lights. He should always ensure you get to your destination.

Did the driver wash his hands?

On many public buses and at many bus stops around town, you may be coming across people who do not wash their hands. Although it may seem simple, there are things you should be aware of. Since a bus driver works in a highly regulated industry, he or she should be very good to ensure passenger safety.

To be safe, you should perform a walk around health check before entering the bus. If you find that driver is not up to scratch, you should alert the driver. You should be able to see if driver is in a good mood or has just lost concentration; if the driver is moody or depressed, you should let someone know immediately.

You should be able to recognize moods and drivers when they become depressed or angry. We had one driver who doubled as a construction worker and just got off doing a flooring removal job and was tired and upset from it.  If you see someone becoming aggressive, confused, or unusually defensive, you should speak up.

Do not let your curiosity get the better of you. Unless there is a genuine emergency, you should let someone know the details of your trip. You should also take note of any instances of suspicious behavior. Abrupt flights or missing buses should be reported. If you come across as suspicious, you should be wary of boarding the bus.

As long as you take the proper steps, there should be no delays with your trip. If everything goes well, your bus should never let you down.


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