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Irrespective of the particular type of holiday you intend to take, whether it is a holiday for one or for several weeks, Australia’s Great Barrier Reef can provide you with an amazing range of activities and excursions to choose from.

One of the most popular activities associated with the Reef is fishing. The Reef fishing industry is certainly one of the largest on the planet, certainly it is in terms of fish quantity. There are a vast array of different species of fish to be caught on the Reef, including Snapper, Tuna, Bluefin, swordfish and red bass to name a few.

The Tuna species naturally inhabit the shallower waters while the Redfish and White Sea Bass are more commonly found in the upper depths. It is not unusual for surfers to acquire catch and release certificates for the best catches they have ever made on the Reef.

Surfers Edge (Great Treaty, Exmouth, Coral Bay) has excellent snorkeling equipment and reef friendly policies. Located on the south side of the Island, approximately 2 km from the Southern Tip, the surfers edge is a protected marine park for everyone to enjoy. The purchase of a pass which allows you to enter the reef and the waters of Ballast Creek (south of the reef) is a major attraction.

There is also a variety of other water sport activities available in Australia’s reef coast. Windsurfing, Kayaking and Whistler boarding are sports that are enjoyed on the Reefs. Whistler boarding is a well established event that is enjoyed by all the family. Most events provide free shuttle transfers to the Helicopters and Charters.

For those looking to watch the Reefs life go on, a hot air balloon ride over the regions waters is a wonderful way to view and appreciate the different coastlines and islands. Many of the balloon operators along the Australian reefs also provide sunset cruises. These flights can be reserved from many different locations.

Another way to experience the Reef is by paying a visit to the center of coral reef life. The delicate ecosystem of the reef allows different types of corals to thrive. The diversity in the marine life of the reef can be found in the hundreds of shipwrecks located throughout the area. Many of these wrecks offer an unforgettable experience to those brave enough to go on them.

If you are planning a trip to Australia and you want to experience the reef life to its fullest, then you need to make sure that you include the Australian Marine Park in your itinerary. Located in the south west of Australia, the park was established in 1988 to protect the significant ecological role that the coral reef plays in these areas.

Here you will find Queensland, New South Wales, Giramella, Perth and Western Australia ( Federally declared areas) and the island of Tasmania. The area is a key habitat for the globally threatened Reef Shark ( Concho Borealis opakanodermus). It became a World Heritage Site in the ’90s.

One of the most famous areas in the Park is the Cape Whale Route. This is an account of where the humpback whales arrive to calve and breed in the wild. Along this route you will also see the giant turtles (Caretta caretta) and the possibility of the Southern Right Whale ( spectacled) being seen from the coast.

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