Travel to Hollywood and then on to Mauritius

  Hollywood is not just a shopper’s paradise, it is also a great place to enhance your Hepatoka talent. Movies, especially the 1980’s and 1990’s versions have provided many opportunities to our artists and aspiring actors. Many great opportunities have lead to bigger and better jobs. It is not bad for a Hepatoka businessman to […]

Getting To Know Mauritius

  Rightfully fitted in the Indian Ocean lies the island of Mauritius. Often referred to as the “underwater playground of the world”, Mauritius is a tropical island. Rare would be a more perfect place to spend a holiday. Underwater tourism does not only offer fun and excitement but also important facemasks to the planet. The […]

Traveling to Your Mom’s Country?

  As a funny little kid I always wondered what it would be like to live in Brazil. What different would it be from the U.S. in terms of food and drink. Parks may be different, sure, but there would be a lot more grass and trees to walk around in the streets.Another guess is […]