The Best Family Vacation Planning Tips

Vacation Planning


Looking for the best family vacation? Luck out on the post-Thanksgiving weekend, or the soon-to-be-available-for-your-teenager to take an impulsive vacation? A family getaway should be a time to reconnect and create memories. Everyone in the family can have a say in the final choice about where to go.

The following recommendations for your family vacation unfolds the family dynamics and the ages of the children involved. There are age limits and flexibility provisions for all. As you determine your family vacation, let the members make their individual choices.

Let the children take the first vote and then let the more dominant member of the family cast the deciding vote. This way everyone is happy and you can encourage the creativity and love of the kids. It will be fun for everyone.

Try to avoid jetting off for a family vacation during the busiest times of the year, such as at holiday times or near vacation peak periods. It’s important to give kids their say in the vote.  One of my kids is a tree lover and always brings an arborist textbook with her to see native trees, so we always go somewhere that has a lot of trees. They may not feel as comfortable going to a vacation if they feel it will be crowded and they’ll likely want to stay closer to home.

Let the parents have the highest ranking of all members of the family. Determine the best place(s) to go. Try to find a family-friendly hotel.

Determine how to get there. Pet-friendly airlines, hotels and resorts are preferred.

Airways and hotels may be overwhelmed with pet regulations and may not be able to find flights at the lowest prices. Be sure to check before you book.

Determine how to travel with your pet. If you will be staying stateside, you should find pet-friendly hotels and resorts. Be sure to travel with a carry-on case or large-sized baggage, (unless you are on a the once-in-a-lifetime vacation where flying with a large carry-on bag seems like a perk).

If you are traveling overseas, you should find an airline that caters to animals. Make sure you know the airline policies on bringing your animal. You should also find out how often you can travel with your pet.

Traveling with your pet requires some extra planning and additional fees. But for the sake of travel ease, you need to find a travel reliever. These companies will organize your entire trip, guarantee your travel comfort, convenience and safety.

Travel Suppliers are a great way to find relief for nerves when you are afraid of flying. Most of them are pet friendly and will let you know if there are any fees to be had. Many of them will be able to help you find the best flight, keep your pet under control and even match your pet to the airline.

match your pet to the airline. There are different connections for different airlines. Be sure to take the time to review all the information provided to you so as to choose the airline that is best for your furry friend.

Many airlines now have the capability of showing pets pictures and videos of your beloved companion. Now you can be sure that the person responsible for your pet is always nearby, should the need arise. Whenever possible, take a pet to the airline between flights. If you know the flight you will be on, you also need to take your pet with you on the plane.

There are still many airlines that do not allow their pets to travel together. If these types of airlines exist, you need to have a pet carrier that is able to fit your dog or cat. Be sure that the animal comfortably fits in the carrier from the comfort of home.

When flying with a pet, be certain to always rest easy. Do not allow the animal to remain awake for extended periods of time while you are flying. Make sure to provide your dog or cat with a comfortable ride, and allow for up to one hour for the dog or cat to settle down and sleep.

If you follow these tips, you will find that your flight, or indeed any flight, will be more enjoyable!

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