What A Motor Home Can Do For You

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Instead of being a hardcore snowbird who stays at cabin rentals through the winter, why not become a motorhome camper?  Or maybe even a space camp jumper.  The thing is you don’t have to be retired and you don’t have to berill either.  Think about it, we would be doing far more travelling if we were camper trailers.  Think about what a camper trailer can do for you.

1.  advancements in cooking and heating

In the olden days a campfire was the only way to warm up and cook your meals.  If you were eating raw vegetables this was usually a very uncomfortable experience.  The boiled or smoked salmon, ham or other cold weather consumables were items that just were not good to eat.

Today we have so many conveniences such as refrigerators and the ability to cook Anything.  However the true secret to staying warm and healthy has always been the stocking of a good camping Firewood and the ability to keep your Food dry and cold.

2.  easy on your pocketbook

Although it may cost a good bit, it may very well be cheaper than a cabin rental.  Who loves to throw money away when the vacation is over and they can just stay in?

Camping and staying in a cabin or taking a camping trip may seem a little extravagant but this way you will have the privilege of enjoying the outdoors and give yourself and your family a chance to prepare for the vacation.  One of the best things about vacationing is you can cook your own meals. So you will no longer have to eat out for every meal.

It may cost a little more to camp but when you consider that you can put up a tent and cook meals, the cost is definitely worth it.

3.  nice walks

Many motor home parks have great trails and hikes for you to enjoy, so you don’t have to haul all of our SKB cases off the motorhome.  This is great idea for anyone who doesn’t get enough time to go hiking or for someone who is trying to not exercise too much.

4.  pet friendly

Many park owners also welcome their local animals.  This is a great way for you to meet new contact animals from the same species.  You can program the animals to respond to different sounds and to chase a given direction.

5.  self catering

Planning to have a party at your campsite?  You can always ask other campers, know if there are any friendly animals near your camp and go find them.  You can also self cater meals so you do not have to eat out every day.  This is a great way for you to cut down on costs and to spend more time at your chosen destination.

6.  interesting things to do

What makes campgrounds so interesting?  Maybe there is a local legend, or historical landmark.  Maybe there are outdoor activities planned for your arrival.

While these things may not be as obvious as in a mall, a campground can have a great deal more to offer than a standard mall. There are usually activities planned daily to keep the children busy and the adults interested.

7.  nearby attractions

What makes our national parks so fantastic is the ability for avians to fly above the trees.  If you are visiting a park in a vehicle, you may be able to see hundreds of birds in a matter of minutes.  This is a great way to explore nature, but it is also great to plan a trip to a park in a vehicle if you are driving through.

8.  other campground

Don’t forget to pick up a campground brochure in your state of choice.  Make sure to look for the campsite near popular landmarks, parks, restaurants, and whichever else your state has to offer.

Going to a new state everyday is not fun for anyone.  Instead of facing this problem, just remember that many of us have the opportunity to see wildlife and experience nature every day.  Consider taking advantage of this by purchasing a hunting permit.  Permits are easy to purchase online and provide a great way to enjoy the outdoors.

9.  cook food

I know a lot of people who will go on several road trips a year.  One of the things I tell people going into these trips is to bring survival food.

I recommend granola bars, crackers, nuts, and dried beans.  You can purchase these from either a grocery store or market. I also suggest packing a six pack of water.


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