Dining and Drinking in Paris

dining in Paris


Cafe Flore and Deux Magots are both great places to meet singles and locals willing to sit down and chat. Buy a fancy coffee and the newspaper and sit down for a bit. This is definitely not some hot pick-up spot, however. The intent is more to socialize and relax with friends and new acquaintances. Both women and men are extremely courteous and friendly and the chatter with the locals is quite a normal affair.

Most people who come here want to eat at Agatha Christie’s and scenario the French equivalent of Parma ham. If you came here for a specific dinner reservation, there is no problem. However, if you are just walking around and want to bite into a delicious crested pigeon, you better be prepared to wait. Two sandwiches and a coffee will suffice.

ipe(8)One of my favorite stopovers in the 6th quarter, Paris’ Pipa de Longchamp, hot off the press. The food is just wonderful, and I’ve had some of the best meals here.


(9)Hwais are traditional Parisian picnic dishes-you’ve got a baguette, with a ham slice, corned beef and bacon, andouille, which is a very satisfying nocturnal dish. The baguette is accompanied by sweet caramelized onions and gilded on a flaky pastry – typical of the Parisian shop-bought sweet counter-service lunch. The best thing about haais is the cleanliness – no foodsc climax here!

Don’t miss:

* idyllic Deauville and famous Eiffel Tower

* exceptional Avenue de Saint Germain

* Arc de Triomphe (up-market Parisian district)

* yards of Cheap-off-the- rack Parisian clothes

*iao refreshed penny ferries off Seine River

* Fidel Castro’s vast palaces

* Madonna’s Stuff Life

* Le Bon Marche jump-off point (from Orsay to Fourchettes)

* Sacre Coeur ‘Che Sacre Coeur’ (France’s equivalent to New York’s Tribeca Quadrille)

* Parisian out-of-doors with a Virtual Ergonomics Workshop

* None other than Paris’s own Jardin des Tuileries (house in the country grounds)

* The sickle monasteries in the Bois de Boulogne (monkshoods)

* Parisian wine country just outside Paris

* NATO’s Article 5 testing (at Everepe)

* Angling on the Seine river (river tours by boat or power boat)

* Flights to Paris from London or other European destinations

* Hot air ballooning

*urred to the Louvre (to see the Mona Lisa)

* The Louvre was home to the Ancient Greek and Roman civilizations

* Polis designed by architect Georges-Eiffel

* The Arc de Triomphe

* The Eiffel Tower

Many guides inform you that the best time to visit Paris is during the summer months August to September, but I beg to differ. The winters are very cold and bitter cold at this latitude, and November through March is the best time to visit Paris. Also, the spring and summer months are mildly warm, but the winters are nearly perfect. For a climate change with the temperature settling around 25 degrees (7 degrees centigrade) from May to July, a long break from the harsh winters of the northern hemisphere is vital. The northern zone of France has far more rainfall in each successive year than the southern French Alps and the Appalachian Mountains combined so there is no reason to panic if you find sudden wintry scenes on your way up from the south. Just don’t get caught off guard in the heavy snow or the rain. Remember that this is a mountainous area and the roads can be very narrow in some parts – give yourself plenty of time to get to your hotel!

The crowds are also not as much of a problem as they are in other countries. Indeed, you may find that September is probably one of the best times to visit Paris as the city tends to shut down for the winter and you can join in on the centenary. Most teens and twenty-somethings will have no problem adjusting to relatively little daylight hours.

The sites you need to consider most when travelling in Paris are the Louvre, the Arc de Triomphe, the signature left bank of the Seine as well as the Musee d’Orsay, the Invalides, the Latin Quarter and the Notre Dame Cathedral. One of the main draws for tourists is the Louvre and the Tuileries Gardens. There are two entry points to the gardens.

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