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best hotel pool


There are hundreds of thousands of millions of billions of hotel pools in the world (maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration), it’s a dime a dozen. And they are scattered across the United States of America just waiting to be used by the hard-working citizens of the world. trouble is, there are so many that it can be hard to find the best one, especially if that’s what you’re staking your entire vacation on.


There are approximately 10.5 million pools in the United States of America, including residential and public pools, so of those pools around a fourth of them are hotel pools. Which is kinda small in perspective, I mean Texas alone could house that many pools and not even have half of their space taken away. Florida even could take it and still have plenty of theme parks left to squeeze in.


So, getting to the point, you’re here because you are either planning a boring vacation with friends that you don’t like and you just so happen to get to pick the destination, so you want a really nice pool to hang out at, away from said annoying friends, or you just happen to be interested in what kind of pools are out there in the United States of America. So, for your convenience, here is a conveniently compiled list of the best hotels in the United States of America.


Disney’s Art of Animation, Florida


Disney’s art of animation is one of the best hotels in the world, and because of that they have to have one of the best pools as well. The hotel is themed around the amazing work of animators all around the world, and specifically the work they’ve put into Disney movies, so in relation to that, the pools there are also themed around that.


There are two located in the Art of Animation, one being the little one and the other being the bigger one. The little one is located in the Cars themed pavilion and is used when the big one gets to crowded. The big one is right in the center of the hotel and right out the lobby’s back door. That is also where the Nemo themed pavilion is and in relation to that again, the pool is a Nemo theme.


Now, to be completely honest, this is not a great pool for adults on their own, this is on the other hand one of the greatest in the United States, possibly the world, for families. Disney invested a lot into the Best SEO Course so that their resorts and pools rank at the top of Google, so that families can easily find them.  Its splashy water fun mixed with a Disney theme, its every kid dream to one day swim in this kind of pool and you may be the parents that get to give that kid their dream. You know, along with the chance to explore Florida and its obsession with theme parks.


Gaylord Texan Resort, Texas


The mighty state of Texas seems to have a motto that it just doesn’t seem to want to let go of. Bigger is always better, in every circumstance, no matter what, bigger is better. The state itself actually seems to be adhering to that motto and because of that, it’s the biggest state in the United States of America. Anyways, the Gaylord Texan Resort is one of the best in the state, and it’s also one of the biggest. Because it’s one of the biggest, the hotel that they offer along with it is also one of the biggest, which of course to them and a lot of times means better.


It’s pretty much a water park at this point, it has a 600-foot lazy river attached to it, a 6,000 square foot lagoon to impress everyone and of course a giant water slide. I don’t know why, but I’m starting to think there not far off with that motto of theirs. In this case, bigger is definitely better, you get more room to swim, more areas to explore, and more areas to relax as you avoid those pesky friends of yours.


I almost forgot to add, but the pool also has a water zip line, because of course it does, water basketball hoops, and multiple horseshoes shaped hot pools, kinda like a hot tub but warmer.



Glenwood Hot Springs Resort, Colorado


This is the most historic on this list, this hotel pool is aptly named because it has the largest mineral hot spring pool in the world. To put it a little into perspective, the hot spring spans an entire two blocks. It seems that Colorado has taken a page out of Texas’s play book and have stumbled upon the bigger is better motto.


The reason that it is so historic is because it was established as the biggest hot spring pool in the world all the way back in 1888. That’s a really long time ago and is historic because of it.


Anyways, there is some pretty neat stuff going on at this pool. There are two water slides, of course a diving board, and the strangest, yet most intriguing thing, inner tubes. Something that you may want to check out if you ever manage to get into the darn thing.


Lastly, and this one may seem a little disappointing, but the pool is not an exclusive to hotel guests. Glenwood Hot Springs Resort sells day passes for people not staying at the hotel to come and enjoy the football field sized tub. So, maybe that’s good for you if you’re not staying there, or maybe it’s bad for you, as you are staying there, and that means it’s going to get even more crowded then it already is, being so historic and large as it is.


The Resort at Pelican Hill, California


This hotel is a complete 180 from the others on the list so far. This one has been made entirely with adults in mind, that’s not to say though that kids aren’t allowed in though. It’s just been designed with luxury in mind, and not really as much fun.


Its located right on the coastline of California, right in orange county and because of that, as your swimming, you get in amazing view of the ocean and the skyline beyond. Like I said its luxurious.


Anyway, the pool itself is a perfect circle, it’s probably the best circular pool in America, maybe even the world. The pool is 136 feet in diameter, which is a very decent size, gives you and the other guests plenty of room to work with. This is definitely the one you want to go to if you’re looking to relax, hopefully those pesky friends don’t follow you out of the hotel room, you’ll probably need to say that your gonna go get ice or something, that’ll buy you a little time.


Disney’s Aulani Resort, Hawaii


Disney seems to still reign king over all other resorts, they’ve seemed to have gotten it down to a science by this point. Anyway, all the way down in Oahu, Hawaii is the Aulani resort, a great place to go whether your alone, with annoying friends, or if you’re going out on a Hawaiian vacation with your family.


This place has tons of thing to do, all of which involve water in some way, its honestly ridiculous ho many things this pool comes equipped with. It’s located right in the middle of the resort, and very hard to miss with its giant size.


It comes with a giant lazy river that takes you through caves that have waterfalls, and you can go through waterspouts making tunnels of water. There is a zero-entry pool, which is very interesting to take a dip in, they have two different infinity spa’s which of course it has, and a small quite side pool for adults trying to get away from the kid crazy side of things.


Doing a 180 of that though, in the pool, there is the Menehune bridge, which is a very fun water play structure that has three different slides, and dozens of ways to get drenched with gallons of water.


Moving on from the pool really quick, there is another fun water filled activity. At the Makai Preserve is a pool of water that people can swim in. What’s special about it, different from the pool at the resort is the fact that you can swim with sea creatures, the like of which are fascinating and fun. You can swim with sting rays, different variants of fish, and tons of other things. There is also a place called the Rainbow reef, which is an amazing place to snorkel, as it is a 3,800 square foot snorkeling lagoon that is absolutely filled to the absolute brim with tropical fish of all variants.


The Beach at Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas


Right in Las Vegas is The Beach at Mandalay bay, which is kind of a weird name, a hotel is called The Beach. This hotel is said to have the best hotel in all of Las Vegas, maybe even California, debatably America.


This is a 1.6-million-gallon sized pool, and as you can probably guess from the name, The Beach, it’s a wave pool. It’s average sized waves smoothly crash into the soft sandy beach where all the tanning beds are for you to relax at. The lazy river along with the wave pool is also really great, it stretches a nice distance and lets you just relax on top of the water as you laze about, it being a lazy river and all, it’s a very fit name to give it.


La Quinta Resort and Club, California


I’m starting to notice a trend, three of our hotels on the list so far have been located in California, and to be completely honest there is a reason for it. California just really knows how to make a good pool. I mean honestly, they really do know how a pool works, it clearly shows in their work, and it shows inn how many they make.


La Quinta Resort and Club is probably the best example of how well California knows how to make a great pool. This place, wait for it, has over 40 pools for guests to use. 40 of them. That’s insane, have you ever heard of a place having more than 5 pools at a time, let alone 40 of them. I mean, with that many pools, you could go and play a game of bingo eight times over with the same card, it’s crazy ridiculous.


you can just make a whole day of it to go and visit every single one of the pools. Just hop out of bed, grab a map in the lobby, maybe don’t if you’re feeling risky and adventurous, and just go out and find all of them. Maybe go and get yourself a prize or something if you manage to find all of them, maybe take a dip in all of them too.


How about another idea, maybe one pool is too crowded, and you can’t go swimming, no need to worry, all you have to do is take a look around and go find a completely empty one for you to use. It kinda makes you feel rich having access to that many swimming pools, I mean the average person has to go and find an empty spot in just one pool to be happy, the La Quinta though makes you feel rich, all you gotta do is find an extra swimming pool to enjoy, easy.




Well, that is the list of the best hotel pool in the United States of America, just chalk fool of them aren’t they. All of them have their own specialties or themes that make the pools extra special, and there all worth a spot on your vacation destination choices. Whichever one you decide to end up going to head to, I’m sure your gonna have a lot of fun with your family and friends. Thank you for taking the time to have a little preview in your future vacation here.

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