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It’s one of the most beautiful sights on the planet when the Aurora Borealis sets over the Arctic Ocean. A phenomenon offering breathtaking scenery and an opportunity to see nature at its most awe-inspiring. A visit to Alaska is sure to be an experience you will never forget.

The arctic is a harsh land that covers the majority of the land in the world. The extreme climate has a drastic effect on both the environment and wildlife. But it also has its positive aspects such as the natural beauty of the landscape and the colorful wildlife.

Alaska is a beautiful area home to the majestic North Pole. A visit to this area is sure to prove to be a memorable holiday as it is sure to put you both in awe and wonderment. The dramatic scenery alone is sure to blow your mind, but the sighting of the Aurora Borealis is guaranteed to leave you mesmerized.


The Arctic is a very important area for fishing and therefore a very important destination for those who love the sport. The dramatic coastline and excellent fishing opportunities have made this into a very popular destination. The accommodation options are varied from hotel to hotel which offer the perfect balance between luxury and having plenty of character. The cities are cosmopolitan with an eclectic choice of shops and restaurants to keep you entertained. The prices are also very reasonable so there is no doubt you are getting a top class experience.

The opportunities for nightlife are top notch. There are amusement parks, an active nightlife scene and can you really forget the promises of an Arctic winter.

Where to Go

An Arctic summer does not have to mean that an Arctic winter never happens! There are some great destinations to be found on the frozen expanses of land. Lying in the north of Canada, on the shores of the Artic Ocean, lies the city of Iqaluit. A cultural hub, it boasts a lively restaurant scene, vibrant shopping and unique experiences around every corner. It really is the place to visit if you are traveling to this region from the south.

A trip to Alaska is not complete without a visit to the Privacy. This little town by the sea makes a great base for exploring the area as well as stunning glaciers. The boats here are equipped to handle the ice if necessary which makes for an interesting excursion. The town is also nestled by a number of fishing villages that bring a more laid-backside to the whole experience. A relaxing stroll along the beach is guaranteed to wake you up and start you on a whole new day!

Along with the laid back vibe, the town abounds with a wide range of adventures for the adventurous traveler. Canoeing, rafting, rock climbing, and skiing are all popular activities, and because this is in the Arctic Circle, expect to be treated to amazing picture post card views. A friend of mine who handles New York Owner’s Representation just got back from Alaska and told me it is also the place to indulge in a retail therapy, with a wide variety of boutiques, shops, and restaurants.

The Inuit villages are thankfully forgoing the use of Electric Buses and Exploration Warrants in favor of more traditional means of transportation. Canoeing and kayaking are very popular activities and the waters here are home to a certain something that most adventures want to chase. You can also hop on a variety of land based adventures if you prefer the isolation of the Out Clyde. A place to visit is Puvirnituq, where you can learn more about the Inuit culture and to experience the hunt with a traditional outfit.

eclectic tastes

Puvirnituq is in the far north of the Arctic Circle and is best known for the midnight sun. The area is also charged with the contemplation of the ancient art of Forodhani, the creation of teepee-like structures. Especially well known for the green-blue whirling dervishes, this land is called the domain of the spirits. Utsavut is the region’s capital, and a great place to begin an excursion. Here you will find a grand selection of places to stay, ranging from yurts and cozy hotels to resorts and romantic hotels. A visit to Iqaluit (the territory’s largest city) or Dall Lake (fishable) adds to the riches of nature and the experiences.

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